These magnificent mountains look almost unreal as they constantly change colour with the light and weather.British photographer Andro Loria, 50, live sex said the altering shadows it was like watching an everlasting show pass over the landscape. He took the shots on a hiking tour through the Landmannalaugar Highlands in Icelands Fjallabak Nature Reserve.Mr Loria, a scientist from north west London, said night porn the scene was unearthly and at times he felt like he was walking across the moon. Captivated by the areas beauty, he said he slowed the rest of the group down because he kept stopping to take hundreds of photos.
British photographer Andro Loria captured the Iceland landscape beautifully, and included this 70-year-old walker
The mountains appear to change colour dependent on the light and the weatherMr Loria, who is engaged to be married, said: The colourful mountains change colours constantly according to the light and weather.The patches of ice or snow in spring or early summer add more contrast to the scenery; some ice patches on slopes survive into late summer. The hills are usually yellow and gold with splashes of grey and blue and red or purple from sulphur rich minerals due to volcanic activity. Green moss adds an extra colour.As the relief is rather ragged you have a constant interplay between light, colour and shades creating a never ending show. It is a paradise for photography.
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The shots include Mt. Brennisteinsalda, which means Sulphur Wave, an 850 metre high active volcano with hot sulphur springs on its slopes.Mr Loria added: The combination of contrasting colour and light in ever-changing shapes due to variable light was absolutely unique. I had never seen anything like it before. Colours added by volcanic activity made it all look almost unreal and unearthy.You almost feel like you are crossing a lunar landscape at times.The majority of peaks in Landmannalaugar are between 800-1200m above sea level. Due to the location of the highlands the view from the top spots allows you to see incredible panoramas. The constant interplay of light, shapes, shades and colour is very captivating.The views from the tops of the highest hills or mountains are very impressive, they are easy to get to and at places are almost flat and barren. 
The photographer Loria described it as almost like passing over a lunar landscape
The photos were taken on a hiking tour through the Landmannalaugar Highlands in Icelands Fjallabak Nature Reserve
The photographs are so vivid they look more like paintings, with the array of colours captured beautifullyHe described the walker shown in one of the shots – an American man from the group who is more than 70 years old – inspired some of his best snaps.Mr Loria added: I wish I will still be travelling like him when I get to that age. He was also a reason I took a couple of my favourite shots. They were taken late, the sun was low providing beautiful light and lighting up hills with extra splashes of gold and pink.I turned back to see if my fellow walker was OK and after seeing the scene took a few shots. The way he walked along the ridge, blending into the landscape, was fantastic. It was one of those men and nature being united feelings.
The rock formations at a mountain range in Iceland are unique, and unlike others in the world
The colours made by the volcanic activity give the photos an unearthly feel to them
Photographer Loria was amazed at the views atop the mountain range in Iceland  

Landing on Mars is essential to ensure the survival of our species, climate change is a very real threat and bayan escort international cooperation is key to the future of manned space exploration.That’s according to Nasa Administrator Charles Bolden, who revealed his escort opinion on a wide range of subjects in London this week.He also discussed with MailOnline how celebrity astronaut Chris Hadfield escort bayan had set the bar high for future astronauts, which forced a re-think from Nasa on how they engage with the vip eskort public from space.Scroll down for video 
Speaking at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London this week, Nasa Administrator Charles Bolden (pictured) revealed his views on a number of issues including Mars, climate change, China, Chris Hadfield, Sir Richard Bransons Virgin Galactic and the state of the UK space industryMr Bolden made the claims at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London during The Strategic Choices for Space conference.
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‘Getting to Mars is important because it is the only planet in the solar system [other than Earth] that we believe might have born life in some form at some time,’ Mr Bolden said.‘It may be able to sustain life right now, and it definitely can sustain human life if we put humans there. CHARLES BOLDEN: A BIOGRAPHY  Charles Frank Bolden Jr has been the Administrator of Nasa since 17 July 2009.Born in South Carolina on 19 August 1946, he was a graduate of the US Naval Academy in 1968 and later joined the US Marine Corps, for whom he flew combat missions in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.He was selected as an astronaut by Nasa in 1980 and flew into space for the first time on 12 January 1986 as a pilot aboard Space Shuttle Columbia.In his career as an astronaut he flew into space a further three times, each on a Space Shuttle. His final flight was on Space Shuttle Discovery, landing on 11 February 1994.Since being appointed Administrator of Nasa Mr Bolden has continually re-iterated the agency’s long-term ambition to land on Mars, and is currently overseeing a major transition in their human spaceflight efforts from the days of the Space Shuttle to the commercialisation of low Earth orbit.  ‘That’s important for the preservation of the species, and I want to make sure that my grand-daughters, and great-great-grandaughters, have the opportunity to go there.’But he expressed his concern at not committing to a future mission to Mars, and warned against cancelling any of the current plans by Nasa to get there.‘If we step away now, my belief is it will be generations before we get back to where we are now,’ he continued.‘We are way down the road.’He admitted, though, that getting to Mars was no easy challenge, and there were plenty of detractors who thought it would never happen – an opinion he does not share.‘It’s important to remember that Nasa sent humans to the moon by setting a goal that seemed beyond our reach,’ he said.‘With Mars as our focus, we are steadily building the capability to enable human missions to the red planet.‘The challenge is huge. Mars is hard, just to put it bluntly. Mars is really, really, really hard.’ However, he added he did not approve of certain proposals that intended to take people on one-way trips to the red planet – including Elon Musks.‘He wants to die there,’ he said. ‘He doesn’t talk about coming back. But he and I disagree on that.‘If someone wants to come back, I want them to be able to come back.’
See what its like to orbit Mars thanks to satellite pictures
Mr Bolden re-iterated Nasas desire to land humans on Mars in the 2030s (illustration shown), something they are currently working towards with development of the Orion spacecraft and SLS rocket. ‘Getting to Mars is important because it is the only planet in the solar system that we believe might have born life, he said
The SLS (Space Launch System) rocket (illustration shown) will be the cornerstone of Nasas future exploits into deep space. It is scheduled to complete a maiden flight in 2018, before taking astronauts to an asteroid by 2025 and to Mars at some point in the 2030s NASAS GIANT SLS ROCKET  The SLS (Space Launch System) rocket, currently in development, will be used by Nasa to launch the spacecraft that will take astronauts to an asteroid and ultimately Mars.It will complete a maiden flight in 2018, there will be two versions.The smaller, 70-metric-ton SLS will stand 321 feet tall, provide 8.4 million pounds of thrust at liftoff, weigh 5.5 million pounds and carry 154,000 pounds of payload.The bigger 130-metric-ton-configuration, meanwhile, will be the most capable and powerful launch vehicle in history, eclipsing even the Saturn V rocket that took astronauts to the moon.Towering a staggering 384 feet tall, it will provide 9.2 million pounds of thrust at liftoff and weigh 6.5 million pounds.It will be able to carry payloads weighing 286,000 pounds to orbit.  He alludes to how people first colonised America with similar ambitions.‘When we go, that will be a step in humanity’s quest to pioneer.‘It’ll be like moving in the US, when we broke away from England and went west.‘Many people went with no intent of coming back, but they didn’t go with the intent of dying there. They went to develop it, to expand. That’s where we are today.’Mr Bolden also explained how understanding Mars – specifically how it turned from what was thought a once habitable planet to the largely inhospitable place we see now – could reveal the future of our own climate.He discussed the very ‘real’ danger of climate change – while not offering a firm opinion on manmade global warming.‘We have got to get a grip on climate change,’ he said.‘We have to understand it, it’s real. I’m not here talking about global warming, I’m just talking about climate change. This is happening, and we need to understand why.’
Mr Bolden said this view of Earth taken by Apollo 8 in 1968 marked a shift in opinion on the fragility of Earth. I firmly believe that the original picture of our blue planet, from the vantage point of the Apollo 8 crew, returning to Earth from their trip around the moon, forever changed humanity’s perspective on our planet, he said
In early December, Nasas Orion spacecraft will complete its first test flight, an unmanned journey into a high Earth orbit before returning to the planet in a fiery re-entry, an important stepping stone to ultimately landing humans on Mars. Shown here is part of the rocket that will take it to space HOW NASA WILL USE AN ASTEROID AS A STEPPING STONE TO MARS  Later this decade or early in the 2020s Nasa plans to move a whole asteroid, or part of one, into a retrograde (backwards) lunar orbit.By 2025 astronauts would then travel to this asteroid using the Orion spacecraft – which will complete its first unmanned test launch this December.At the asteroid the astronauts will use spacewalks to collect samples.After the mission is complete, Orion will return to Earth on the same path it journeyed out on, loops around the moon included, and splashes down in an ocean – likely the Pacific.The mission is seen as an important step towards eventually sending humans to Mars and returning them safely. Recently Nasa’s Maven spacecraft arrived at Mars, and Mr Bolden explained how this would be key in understanding what became of the red planet, and whether it is similar to what will become of Earth.‘Mars used to have, we think, a climate and atmosphere, everything like we have on Earth, and at some point in its life the middle of the planet got turned off, and it lost its magnetic field and everything else, he said.‘It lost the magnetic field that protected it like our magnetosphere protects us, and then solar winds and other radiation scraped off Mars’ atmosphere.’‘That’s what Maven will help us understand. What’s left, what’s bubbling off the planet, is oxygen still on the soil, or are there the kinds of atmospheric gases we see on Earth?‘Maven will answer lots of science questions relevant to Earth about our sister planet.’And he also spoke of the numerous missions Nasa was launching into Earth orbit that would help study our own planet in more detail.He later said: ‘I call this the “Year of Earth”. We’re launching five Earth science missions over the course of one year, most of them in collaboration with international partners.’
On 22 September 2014 Nasas Maven spacecraft entered orbit around Mars, where it will study the planet in great detail such as determining how its atmosphere and water were lost over time. Mr Bolden said understanding this could help us reveal the fate of our own planet
Illustrated here is how the Orion spacecraft will re-enter Earths atmosphere. On the grandiose nature of the plans to land humans on Mars, and how some think it is not a feasible goal, Mr Bolden said: ‘It’s important to remember that Nasa sent humans to the moon by setting a goal that seemed beyond our reachLast week at a conference in Ottawa, Canada Mr Bolden was jokingly quoted as saying that Chris Hadfield had ‘put pressure’ on modern astronauts and was ‘infamous’ because of the standard the former Canadian astronaut had set.But in a question posed by MailOnline to Mr Bolden, he said that he had ‘no qualms whatsoever with Hadfield and said the comments were meant only in jest.‘I was sort of kidding when I said that about Chris. He did set the bar high when it came to utilisation of social media [in space], he said.However he explained that Mr Hadfield’s prolific tweeting from space forced Nasa to take another look at how they engaged the public from the ISS.‘We learned from him, and now we have a network of people back on Earth who do a lot of the preparation for tweeting and other things,’ he said.‘There was an image released recently of [astronaut Reid] Wiseman getting ready to go out [of the airlock on the ISS].‘He was in his suit, they were at vacuum, and he’s getting ready to go out of the airlock.‘And there was a picture of him taken by his spacewalk crew member. We wouldn’t have done that two years ago. We just didn’t realise we could do that.‘Chris kind of made us go “man, we forget we had this capability. Now let’s use it.” ‘So that’s why I say he set the bar high.’
Mr Bolden said he has no qualms whatsoever with Canadian Chris Hadfield (pictured) but admits that the former astronauts prolific tweeting from his time on the ISS forced Nasa to have a re-think about how they engaged the public from space, leading to them tweeting and sharing more pictures from orbitIn response to a question posed by British astronaut Helen Sharman, Mr Bolden also revealed his desire for more cooperation in efforts to explore space, particularly with China.‘I think many of us recognise the fact that Nasa is prohibited, by law, from bilateral activity with China in human spaceflight,’ he said.But, he somewhat cryptically opened his arms to allowing China to take part in international space exploration, outlining that international standards existed that allowed them to dock with the ISS.‘If you look at the ISS and the collaboration that we have fostered along with all of the partners, we now have an international docking standard that we have authored for all nations to consider when designing their spacecraft,’ he said.‘It doesn’t make any difference who they are. Anyone who accepts the international docking standard will have the capability of docking at the ISS.’He added: ‘I wish I could tell you more. The next Nasa Administrator might.’And he welcomed commercial space initiatives to do the same, such as upcoming spacecraft from SpaceX and Boeing that were recently funded by Nasa.Mr Bolden also offered a view on Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which is scheduled to begin taking people into space early next year, and said he was ‘very excited’ about Nasa’s possibilities to use their suborbital planes for experiments.Similarly, he said how it was important that the UK regain a foothold in space exploration after decades of being absent.‘The UK stepped away from human spaceflight once before, and it took a couple of decades to get back, he explained.‘You are now back in the race, back on the team, and you need to stay there, because you can’t take a break and come back in.’
Mr Bolden offered his view on Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic (pictured), which is scheduled to begin taking people into space early next year, and said he was ‘very excited’ about Nasa’s possibilities to use its suborbital planes for experiments
Future space technologies such as Nasas James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) (illustrated), which will launch in 2018, were also discussed by Mr Bolden. He said it would be ‘an absolutely incredible demonstration of the ability of humanity’ to build a complex telescope to observe the universe in unprecedented detailThe theme throughout Mr Bolden’s answers was his desire for continued international cooperation in space exploration.‘I think we should all be focusing on better ways to collaborate and ensure we maintain partnerships that exist today,’ he said.‘We should use the ISS as a model and throw that into other areas.’Looking ahead into the future, post-ISS – which he hopes will remain in operation until at least 2024 – Mr Bolden says we can expect to see astronauts at an asteroid and lunar orbit.And even further into the future he told MailOnline that other worlds like Europa will ultimately be a goal.‘We have missions in formulation right now. It would be hard to say when we would fly it, but we intend to propose it and then you go from there,’ he said.But, for now, he is heavily committed to ensuring Nasa fulfills the goals it is aiming to achieve in the next few decades – including, most importantly, landing humans on the red planet for the first time.

Apple users have seemingly stopped upgrading to its latest iOS 8 software, which has had tech analysts wondering why. Since it escort was released in mid-September, barely half of users have made the switch from iOS 7 or earlier versions, according to child porno official Apple figures.But now a developer has claimed that the reason is that the software is too ‘nerdy’, and its porn features simply go over the heads of regular people.Scroll down for video 
escort bayan California-based Apple has been struggling with iOS 8 uptake (shown in image). Since its release in September barely half of Apple users have upgraded. Developer Andrew Clark tells Wired this may be because its a nerd release. He said many of the features may go over the head of casual consumers
As of 5 October, only 47 per cent of Apple owners were using iOS 8, which includes those using iPhone 6 and 6 Pluss pre-installed versionSpeaking to Wired, developer Andrew Clark said: ‘[iOS 8 is] a nerd release. ‘Can you think of any non-power-user features that it’s worth upgrading for?He said that of the various features included in iOS 8, many of them were simply not of interest to casual owners.Mr Clark continued: ‘Home Kit and Health Kit are useless until all the accessory makers get on board. Extensions and third party keyboards are great, but a casual user isn’t going to understand or care about them.’In addition other planned features for iOS 8 are yet to be released.Continuity, which allows users to switch tasks between Apple devices, comes out later this month, around a similar time that Apples mobile payment service Apple Pay will be available.So it might be that some are simply waiting for these new features – or perhaps the appeal of iOS 8 is just not alluring enough to tempt people to switch. Earlier this week it was revealed the flood of people downloading iOS 8 had slowed to a trickle.From 21 September, four days after iOS 8 debuted, the percentage of users accessing the App Store on iOS 8 had increased only 1 per cent to 47 per cent of users.
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This follows various teething problems for iOS 8 after its release.Users complained of a glitch in the updated Messages app that sent accidental selfies to contacts and the Health app had a bug that forced Apple to pull other third-party apps.
The iPhone 6 (shown) had record-breaking sales during the first days of its release, but users on other phones have been hesitant to adopt the new iOS 8 platform as numerous bugs and glitches have been reported. Apple was forced to kill an early update after it stopped the fingerprint sensor from workingHuffington Post that the method the company uses to measure users, tracking when they visit the App Store, is ‘very unscientific’.This may account for the seemingly slow uptake by users.MacRumors reported that the iOS 7 adoption rate was 69.7 percent 20 days after the update was launched back in 2013. WHATS NEW IN IOS 8 – AND SHOULD YOU UPGRADE?
The search function on Apple’s Photos app (pictured) has been improved to make it easier to find photos, based on location, dates or album name. Users can fine-tune edits, and the latest smart composition tools automatically straighten horizons, and crop imagesPHOTOS The search function on Apple’s Photos app has been improved to make it easier to find photos, based on location, dates or album.Users can fine-tune edits, and the latest smart composition tools automatically straighten horizons, or crop the image.
The Messages app takes on Whatsapp by letting users capture sounds to send in conversations, including voice notes, ambient sounds or musicThere are also smart adjustments that modify the overall light and colour in a photo to balance exposure, brightness and contrast.Apple has now added time-lapse video modes, accessible through the Record button on the Camera app.MESSAGESThe Messages app in iOS 8 takes on Whatsapp by letting users capture sounds to send in conversations, including voice notes, ambient sounds or music.To play these sounds, users can either press the Play button, or hold the device up to their ear and listen like a phone call.The new Messages app additionally lets users send videos, start group conversations and enable Do Not Disturb to hide group notifications until a later time.Elsewhere, users can send their location to friends, which appear on a interactive map, and send multiple photos and videos from the Camera Roll.There is also a Snapchat-style self-destruct button for video messages. INTERACTIVE NOTIFICATIONSOne of the stand-out features mentioned by Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, at iOS 8s unveiling in June was the Interactive Notifications tool.This feature let users reply to texts, emails, accept calendar invites, tweet and send Facebook messages straight from the notification banner.This means they don’t have to open the specific app, or leave the app they were already using. With iOS 8, pressing the Home button twice opens the multitasking menu.Along the top, users will now see the faces of people they’ve recently talked to, and by swiping to the right, their favourite contacts. This means they can call or text these people with one tap.And when contacts send calendar invites, for example, they can be added to the diary from the top of the screen.QUICKTYPEIn iOS 8, Apple has added support for more third-party keyboards and improved its own keyboard to add predictive text.
In iOS 8, Apple has added support for more third-party keyboards and improved its own keyboard to add predictive text (pictured)As a user types, they’ll see a choice of words or phrases the software thinks they will type next, based on past conversations and writing style.The software can also distinguish between informal languages uses in the Messages app, for example, and more formal language when using the Mail app.It also adjusts the style based on the person the user is communicating with, because their choice of words is likely more laid back with a spouse than with a boss.FAMILY SHARINGWith Family Sharing, up to six people in a family can share purchases from iTunes, iBooks and the App Store without sharing accounts.This means family purchases can be paid with the same credit card, and a child’s spending has to be approved from a parent’s device.Photos and family calendars can also be shared more easily, and everyone on the account can contribute photos to shared albums, for example.HEALTHThe new Health app on iOS 8 features a dashboard showing all the user’s health and fitness data.Apple has also created a tool for developers called HealthKit, which syncs other health and fitness apps together.The Health app puts all heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar, and cholesterol information in one place, and blood type and allergy information can be accessed from the Lock Screen, in case of an emergency.
Apple has also improved its Spotlight tool, (pictured) which searches for files and information on the device, and the web.The app now considers the answer, and uses context to provide the most relevant choicesSPOTLIGHTApple has also improved its Spotlight tool, which searches for files and information on the device, and the web.The tool now considers the answer, and uses context to provide the most relevant choices.When searching for a person, item or term, a Wikipedia snippet will appear. The new Spotlight identifies hot topics, and knows what’s trending.And typing the name of a restaurant reveals the closest branch, including phone number and opening hours, for example, too.   
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Bright: Gracie, who was born a Siamese twin, is now 14 and is determined to become a doctorOnly little by porn little did Gracie Attard learn the story of her twin Rosie, the sister who’d died shortly after their birth. There escort bayan was no sudden revelation, just a drip-feed of information; a slow-dawning realisation.‘Mum and Dad used to take me to the escort cemetery where Rosie is buried and tell me: “She’s your sister, and you were twins.” Actually, they said we were child porno joined together,’ she says. ‘Later I heard them use the word “conjoined”. I didn’t know what it meant, and when I was about seven I got my first dictionary and looked it up.‘Then I felt confused, but I said to Mum: “I know what it is now,” although I still didn’t really understand.‘A year or so later, I looked on the internet and found out that our story was a big one that went round the world. I didn’t think about that. I just wanted to know exactly what happened.‘I read the stories and it felt as if I was reading a book about someone else. I didn’t exactly feel detached, but I wasn’t really involved either. It all happened so long ago, when I was a tiny baby.’Gracie is 14 now, and a livewire. Shrewd, funny and voluble, she loves to cycle and swim. She is determined to become a doctor and has strongly held opinions on most things. But for a few intensely fraught weeks after her birth in a Manchester hospital on August 8, 2000, her very existence was the subject of an ethical debate that gripped the world.Gracie was born a Siamese twin, joined to her sister Rosie, end to end, at the abdomen and spine. They shared an aorta, a bladder and circulatory systems. Their tiny legs were splayed at right angles from their shared trunk.Yet while Gracie was robust, Rosie was weak and ailing. In fact, Rosie was only alive because of Gracie. It was Gracie’s healthy heart that was pumping blood into her sibling. In effect, Gracie was her twin’s life support system.What should be done? Opinion was polarised. Doctors believed unless the girls were separated, within months both would die. Yet separating them would kill Rosie. So should her life be sacrificed to save Gracie?For Michael and Rina Attard, the twins’ parents, the dilemma was heartbreaking. Both devout Catholics, they had never considered aborting the twins when scans revealed they were conjoined. They could not, therefore, bring themselves to allow one to die to save the other.So they resolved to leave their girls conjoined. ‘We decided it was better to put their future in God’s hands,’ says Rina.But they were over-ruled by the judiciary. Three Appeal Court judges decreed the twins should be separated. At this point the Attards decided to fight no further. Rosie duly died, three months, six hours after the complex 20-hour surgery to separate them, at St Mary’s Hospital on November 7, 2000. 
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Gracie, of course, lived. And although doctors were cautiously optimistic, her progress has surpassed all expectations.Her legs were broken and re-set in the correct position; her misaligned pelvis straightened. ‘She should walk and lead a relatively normal life,’ said one of her surgeons at the time.Gracie, however, has amazed everyone with how she’s coped.Last week, Judge Sir Alan Ward, the former Lord Justice of Appeal who had ruled the twins should be separated, spoke at the Cheltenham Literary Festival about Gracie and how she has prospered.
Inspiring Gracie Attard reveals her ambition is to help others
Tribute: Gracie with dad Michael, mother Rina and younger sister Rosie – named in memory of her twinHe was there with novelist Ian McEwan whose latest book focuses on parents and the dilemmas posed by their ethical beliefs when their children are sick.Gracie has never spoken before. She has neither given her views on her origins nor disclosed how she felt when she learned her sister had died so she could live. The questions are complex and challenging.But now — a bright teenager with a sharp, questioning mind and strong, cogently expressed views — she’s talking exclusively to the Mail at the home on the Maltese island of Gozo she shares with her parents and 12-year-old sister, also called Rosie in memory of her dead sister.‘I wish baby Rosie was here, obviously, but she died when I was tiny so I don’t have any memory of her,’ says Gracie.
Heartbreak: Michael and Rina with Rosies coffin. Both devout Catholics, they never considered aborting the twins when they found out they were conjoined‘I don’t feel guilty that I lived and she died because what happened wasn’t my decision. I haven’t cried, but there is sadness. Sometimes I want her to be with me. We were the same age. We’d probably think like each other.‘Sometimes when I need someone to help me, say when I’m taking an exam, I’ll say in my head: “Help me, my little sister.” Because that’s what sisters do. They help each other, don’t they? And I’ve thought: “Would she look like me? Would we share the same interests?” ’Gracie has learned — via the internet, and perhaps earlier than her parents would have wished — about the moral debate provoked by her birth; about the vexed questions her parents faced.
Vibrant: Today Gracie, pictured left aged three, is utterly engaging company. She says she would like to go back to England, though her parents, entrenched in their close-knit community have never been travellers‘I understand how difficult it must have been for Mum and Dad,’ she says. ‘I think I’d have died if we hadn’t been separated — and I’m alive. I thank God for that. I don’t think too much about what might have been. The best is here. I just think of myself as very lucky.’If Gracie’s approach is mature, considered, forensic, it is because she has the mind of a scientist. Her favourite subjects are chemistry and biology. She corresponds regularly by email with one of the surgeons, Adrian Bianchi — also Maltese and a Catholic — involved in the operation to separate her from her twin. Sometimes when I need someone to help me, say when I’m taking an exam, I’ll say in my head: “Help me, my little sister.” Because that’s what sisters do. They help each other, don’t they?  Gracie Attard ‘I tell him about my exams, and that I’m doing well,’ she says. ‘And if I have any questions he says: “You’re welcome to ask.” ‘I’d like to be a doctor, perhaps a children’s doctor, because I want to help people. Maybe it’s because doctors saved my life, but I think I’d want to anyway,’ she says.Gracie has a crackling wit and barely draws breath as she chatters. At 14, she believes she’s far too young to have a boyfriend — ‘I want to enjoy my life first!’ — but eventually she’d like to marry and have a brood of children. When I was five, I thought I’d like to have ten children,’ she says, ‘but I’ve revised that figure now. I don’t want that many because I’d be working day and night to provide for them. I’d never leave that hospital!’ she laughs.I ask her what she imagines life would be like for her parents if she wasn’t around. ‘Very quiet,’ she deadpans.It is difficult, meeting Gracie and seeing how she thrives both mentally and physically — her dainty legs carry her effortlessly; her mind buzzes with ideas — to imagine her parents’ shock when she and baby Rosie were born.Michael, a plasterer, now 58, and Rina, 48, a full-time mum, travelled to England for the birth because their tiny Mediterranean island did not have the sophisticated medical facilities or expertise to cope. 
Support: Gracie, pictured aged three with little sister Rosie, said that she turns to her twin when she needs helpRina recalls the awful fear that consumed her in the weeks before the birth. ‘I didn’t want the twins to be born because I knew something was terribly wrong. I just wanted them to stay inside me,’ she says.‘They gave me a Caesarean and I asked to have a general anaesthetic because I wanted to be asleep. When I came round they were in the neonatal unit and to start with, I couldn’t look at them. It was two days before I saw them, and when I did I fainted.‘Michael helped me up. He said: “Just start by touching their fingers.” So I did. Little by little I stroked their tiny hands. You have to understand that then, in Gozo, if you had a handicapped child it was something frightening. There was superstition. But now it’s more accepted; we know handicapped people just have different needs.’ We held her for four or five hours. We were expecting her to die but there were still many tears Michael Attard Michael, gentle and quietly spoken, swiftly saw beyond the twins’ physical abnormality, and love consumed him.‘I went to look at them two hours after they were born,’ he says. ‘They were covered in a blanket. I didn’t see the extent of their problems. Then I went again, and again. After a while, you just start seeing them as two normal babies. You get used to how they are. I washed them every morning. I talked to them and Gracie seemed to respond.‘She smiled. They used to kick each other, too, and I could see the spirit in Gracie even then. I’d tell her: “You’re the little naughty one.” She had a loud cry. When she wanted some milk you knew about it. The nurses would come running with the bottle.’Yet set against the burgeoning love they felt for their girls was a deep, abiding fear. ‘The doctors told us Gracie had a good chance of surviving if they were separated, but I couldn’t see how she’d live,’ says Rina.‘I thought: “How can they not die if they’ve been cut apart?” We didn’t want the operation. At the time there were so many unforeseen things. Would Gracie spend her life in a wheelchair? Would her brain work properly?‘I was so scared. It was all shocking, so overwhelming, and we were under so much pressure. So we thought it was better to leave it to God to decide what would happen.’
Daddys girl: Rosie takes after her Dad, both in looks — her hair is lighter than Gracie’s, her olive skin darker — and personality. She is quieter, her humour drier. Above, Michael and Rina with GracieIn the event, the High Court ruled that medical science should intervene. ‘And we accepted that decision,’ says Rina. ‘And, of course, now I look back and we’re grateful. The right decision was made. It was the best option. But I still have days full of sorrow when I think about the Rosie we lost, but it turned out for the best.’Their grief, however, was raw when Rosie died, just hours after she was separated from the twin who sustained her. Her tiny, inert body was brought to them. They dressed her in a white satin suit and wrapped her in a shawl.Michael says: ‘We held her for four or five hours. We were expecting her to die but there were still many tears.’ Racked with sorrow, they brought Rosie home for her funeral: the whole island, it seemed, turned out to mourn the baby who had died so her twin could live.Meanwhile, little Gracie, in the care of doctors and nurses in Manchester, was prospering. Within days she started breathing without a ventilator; she drank voraciously from her bottle.
Determined: Rosie, pictured aged three with her family, has prospered since the operation that separated her from her twin shortly after her birth‘We stayed for five weeks on Gozo when baby Rosie was buried, and rang the hospital every day,’ says Rina. ‘And when we got back to Manchester Gracie recognised us. She was smiling. One of the nurses had taught her to say her name. It was her first word.’When she was ten months old, in June 2001, Rina and Michael took Gracie home. ‘It was a very happy homecoming. The whole family welcomed her: aunties, uncles, cousins,’ says Michael.And so, after almost a year’s absence from their quiet island, during which they’d lived in a hospital in the cosmopolitan bustle of Manchester, the Attards returned to the three-storey house Michael had built in the remote hillside village of Xaghra.The couple watched with quiet pride as their little girl grew; as she learned to talk, then, at 17 months, to walk; as her sense of mischief developed and a competitive streak emerged.Today Gracie is utterly engaging company. She says she would like to go back to England, though her parents, entrenched in their close-knit community have never been travellers.‘We aren’t the sort to go on holidays,’ says Rina. ‘We’ve only been away once — and that was to Manchester when the twins were born.’‘But I’d like to travel,’ says Gracie. ‘I want to go to England one day, perhaps to go to university — even if I have to swim to get there!’ Her endless chattering earns a gentle teasing from younger sister Rosie, who was born in August 2002.‘Oh Gracie stop it,’ says Rosie. ‘You talk too much. You’ll send us all to sleep!’The two girls share the jokey affiliation of siblings. They tease each other constantly and good-humouredly. Firecracker Gracie, dark-haired and pale-skinned, is the image of Rina.Rosie takes after her Dad, both in looks — her hair is lighter than Gracie’s, her olive skin darker — and personality. She is quieter, her humour drier.‘So now, whenever someone says my name they are reminded of baby Rosie,’ she explains. ‘And I like that. I’m glad I’m named after my sister.’Rina recalls her second pregnancy, and the trepidation that accompanied it. ‘I was fearful throughout it,’ she says. ‘I just thought I was a woman who had bad luck. Even though the doctors told me all was well, I still didn’t believe them. I didn’t even trust the scans.‘And when Rosie was born, I couldn’t open my eyes to look at her. But then Michael said: “Look! We’ve got a beautiful girl,” and the nurses put her on me. Then I opened my eyes and I saw her, and smiled.’Since then, Rosie, too, has prospered. The first girl in her village to join the Scouts, she describes herself as, ‘adventurous: neither a girly-girl, nor a tomboy’.She, like Gracie, has ambitions, and wants to become a lawyer. ‘I think I’d be interested in that. I like crime,’ she says.Michael, ever the indulgent father, looks at his girls with amusement. Rina is clearly proud. They sit in their house, which is tidy and plain, an image of Christ, a photo of the old Pope John Paul and another of Our Lady presiding over them.Their faith remains strong.‘We made the decision we thought was the best one for the twins at the time,’ says Michael. ‘But let’s say we’re happy with how things turned out.’‘Yes,’ adds Rina, smiling. ‘We are very glad now that God had a bit of help from the surgeons.’ 

second porno and book

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Sportsmails Verdict on Keanes Book  porno porno CLICK HERE to read Matt Lawton assessment of Roy Keanes explosive press conference.  Roy Keane has spoken out for the first time at the official launch of his autobiography titled The Second Half.In a 15-minute press conference at Dublins Aviva Stadium on Thursday afternoon, the former Manchester United captain lifted the lid further on his ongoing spat with Sir Alex Ferguson in typically frank style.Read below for Sportsmails full transcript.VIDEO Scroll down to watch the best bits from Roy Keanes book launch
Roy Keane officially released his second autobiography titled The Second Half on Thursday   Does Roddy Doyle capture your voice?I think so. I have worked with Roddy, I know what a good writer he is. I had no real plans to write a book, to be honest with you, plenty of offers over the last few years, particularly when people were telling a pack of lies about me over the years.But when I met Roddy, I thought, Yeah, well go for it. I think Roddy said at the start, it was quite difficult after he recorded lots of stuff to understand what I was saying with my accent.But he got there eventually and it was really enjoyable, I have to say, and I am pleased with it.
Keanes (right) explosive autobiography was ghost-written by author Roddy Doyle (left)Has the book been represented unfairly so far?With the leak last Monday, obviously people have got snippets from the book and its obviously grabbed one or two headlines, as you would expect.But I think the book is a fair reflection on the situations I have had over the last couple of years, whether it be with players or managers, and I have been pretty harsh, probably, with myself in a lot of the situations, the mistakes I made.But when I did the book, it wasnt for people to like the book, it was just about me getting a chance to reflect on certain things. If people like it, they do; if they dont, then so be it.  
Keane was speaking at Dublins Aviva Stadium on Thursday – the location for his book press conferenceBut I think its quite upbeat as well. Theres some good stories – I had some great days. Obviously people will focus on the negative stuff, whether it be the World Cup and obviously at United, but I had some great days and worked with some great lads, and hopefully that comes across as well.Its not all about falling out with people. Strangely enough in the course of the book, or the course of my career, I actually dont think I fell out with that many people.But obviously the ones I did were obviously highlighted. But if people like it, they like it.You have said people were telling a pack of lies about you, is there anything in particular that has hurt you?Im not going to start giving you names. Im not going into every detail. But, in general, lies. Ex-team-mates; Im pretty sure you know who Im talking about. Listen, I have got to get up and say something myself and defend myself a little bit, and hopefully the book will reflect that. Did you try to address what Ferguson said about you in his book?I didnt read his book.He said your tongue was the hardest part of your body?Well, what do you think?Ive never been kicked by you.I kick pretty hard. It was a cheap dig. He was never critical when we were winning trophies and he was getting his new contracts, getting this and that named after him – Sir this, and whatever else. He was not pulling me or other players, saying: Listen, you need to relax a bit.That was the game and I appreciate the game. The game finished, and we finished, but it was all the carry-on afterwards.Will you ever forgive Ferguson?[Pause]. Good question. Im not sure, Im not sure football is a small world and eventually, you will cross paths with people again.Whether I would ever bump into him or not, whether it be at a game or sometimes there are conferences going on…The problem, I suppose, I had and one of the reasons when you are writing stuff and you are reflecting on it, is that when you have worked with somebody for such a long time – and obviously we had our disagreements and I departed, and I have no problems with that, its fine.Previous
Roy Keane: Lots of people are frightened of Sir Alex Ferguson… Im not one of them
Roy Keane: Sir Alex Ferguson made millions and got a stand at Old Trafford named after him… to…
Roy Keane book launch: Recap as former Manchester United captain speaks at launch of autobiography
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Roy Keane drove Manchester United on and is one of the most influential players in Premier League…
Roy Keane open-minded about Celtic job, but admits he was probably 10th choice  
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Roy Keane: Sir Alex Ferguson made millions and got a stand at Old Trafford named after him… to criticise those people who brought him success was wrong  | Daily Mail Online

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Uruguay also has three friendly internationals scheduled before the end of October so its star escort striker is available to play against Japan on September 5.
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But Suarez will still eskort have eight matches of his nine-game ban from competitive internationals to serve and Uruguay FA president Wilmar Valdez said he bayan escort was disappointed with the CAS ruling.
Its a cultural matter. The way we live football in South America is different to escort bayan Europe, for us there are things which are normal and which deserve sanctions, but not such harsh ones, he said.
But leading Spanish sports lawyer Xavier Canal said the CAS decision was to be expected.
I find it logical that the player is allowed to train with his colleagues and he can be presented by the club, he told CNN.
The infraction happened while playing for Uruguay, and I think its logical that the ban on playing for his country (in competitive matches) still stands.
The Chiellini incident was the third time Suarez had bitten a player — he had previously been banned for similar transgressions while playing for Dutch club Ajax and English side Liverpool.
With Suarez sidelined, Uruguay lost its last-16 match to Colombia and was knocked out of the World Cup.
Suarez eventually apologized for his actions, but lost his appeal to FIFA over the sanctions before deciding to take the matter to CAS — an independent last resort body that deals with sporting disputes.
FIFAs punishment did not stop Barcelona signing Suarez from Liverpool in a $127 million deal last month which will give the club a star-studded attack when he finally lines up alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar.
Suarez was top scorer in the English Premier League last season, winning the two major player of the year awards for his outstanding performances in helping Liverpool to second place and a return to the European Champions League.
He suffered a knee injury at the end of the season which threatened his participation in the World Cup. He missed Uruguays first game but recovered to score two goals that ended Englands hopes of reaching the knockout stages as the South Americans on 2-1.
But in the final group game, his bite on Chiellini — captured by television cameras — provided the most notorious moment of the World Cup, overshadowing a 1-0 victory by Uruguay that eliminated Italy.
Read: FIFA rejects Suarez appeal
In other football news Thursday, UEFAs appeals panel has upheld the decision to expel Legia Warsaw from the Champions League for fielding an ineligible player.
Legia won its third qualifying round match against Scottish champions Celtic 6-1 on aggregate, but brought on defender Bartosz Beresynski with four minutes remaining of the second leg.
He had been given a three-game ban after being sent off in Legias final Europa League game last season and duly sat out two matches in the second qualifying round and the first leg of the tie against Celtic.
But Legia had failed to officially register Beresynski as a player, leading to the UEFA action.
The punishment means it will drop to the Europa League with Celtic reinstated to the final qualifying round of the Champions League, but Legia club officials said they would be making a further appeal to the CAS to overturn the decision.
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(CNN) — When the body comes under attack by flu, dendritic cells rush to the site of infection and identify eskort the alien forms attacking it. Millions raise the alarm and the immune system is fired into action.
It is a reliable and effective response, and what is good enough to protect our health has also proved capable of safeguarding inboxes. Artificial immune systems (AIS) based on the bodys cellular response to disease are being used to target spam.
Its an adaptive system that can be more nuanced in detecting whats dangerous, says Dr. Uwe Aickelin, professor of computer science at the university of Nottingham and leading AIS developer. Millions of pieces of information are gathered so the cells are very accurate.
While the cells in our bodies will respond to signals such as stress and inflammation, Aickelins software analogue picks up on the traffic bombardments associated with spam. While generic filters can cope with conventional phishing, the cellular system is suited to a user facing frequent new threats, and has been employed by leading security companies.

This model represents a potentially transformative shift in the rapidly expanding field of biomimicry. The trend for nature-inspired designs has spread across industries from crab-style deep-sea vessels to insect-inspired buildings, and is projected to generate $1.6 trillion by 2030 according to Da Vinci Index. But now technologies based specifically on cellular designs are making nature itself the driving force.
In addition to computing, cellular biomimicry is making its mark in water filtration, meeting President Nixons historic challenge to make the oceans drinkable, using a membrane present in humans and plants.
Artificial leaf mimics nature
Can spider silk help you self-heal?
Meanwhile, photosynthetic processes are being applied to the capture and storage of solar energy, while millions of dollars have been invested in applying the properties of lung cells to building exteriors — the Eskin – to create a layer that allows them to interact efficiently with both people and the environment.
It represents a shift and ultimately where we are heading, Janine Benyus, biologist, author and founder of Biomimcry 3.8 told CNN. We have become very successful in mimicking form, but the real transformational change comes in how we build our material world. Every day we are learning more about molecular machinery in cells and how they work so as to understand and use their design principles is key.
These principles are being applied to some of the most critical resource issues, including fuel through the development of biobatteries. Researchers at the University of Utah have created a battery based on the process of metabolism, using sugar as fuel, catalyzed with the natural energy conversion properties of enzymes.
Natural chemistry is completely different to our heat, beat and treat formula
Janine Benyus, founder of Biomimcry 3.8
If you see a small child consume sugar they convert it to run around all day, so its very efficient and we take the same pathways to apply to the battery, says lead developer Shelley Minteer, who claims the design has favorable performance qualities.
The biobattery can already operate devices such as smartphones, and may prove more versatile than traditional batteries as it can function in extremely low temperatures. The technology is proved to the extent that offshoot company Akermin has received a $3 million grant to use the technology in one of the US largest carbon cleaning operations in power plants.
The combination of living process and synthetic materials is rarely seamless, Minteer admits.
We should not simply assume that systems working at nanoscales can easily be translated to large scales.
Skylar Tibbits, MIT self-assembly lab
Yet advances in the technology of modeling are now allowing greater control and accuracy. Scientists can sculpt the synthesized cells at nano scale into ever more efficient arrangements, getting closer to the natural design. Visualization tools are being driven by creative fields, notably architecture, while manufacturing is improving rapidly through 3D printing.
There are skeptics that believe natural processes are being too readily applied. Natural systems evolved for very specific reasons, over millions of years, with very specific parameters, scale-lengths, forces, and the process of translating these phenomena to other scales, function and human desires does not come naturally or directly., Skylar Tibbits, lead researcher at MITs self-assembly lab, argued in a 2013 TED talk. We should not simply assume that systems working at nanoscales can easily be translated to large scales.
Critics have also warned of Jurassic Park unpredictable and unwanted side effects when natural process are transplanted into technology. Such effects have been noted in Uwe Ackeleins anti-spam program, where the target adapts the defense as well as vice versa.
But these risks pale compared to the potential benefits, exponents believe. Using the processes of nature can deliver designs uniquely adaptive to the environment, with better function and resource management, that can transform industries to deliver solutions to the most critical questions of the age.
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This Star Trek-style molecular sensor fits in your hand, reads your food
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(CNN)We are like one grain of sand against a whole escort bayan beach. Eibar fan Unai Eraso.
SD Eibar has already climbed one mountain this summer in being admitted to Spains top football tier, but its next task is even more daunting — trying to compete in the same division as European champion Real Madrid.
Not only can Real lavish a sum four times Eibars annual budget on just one player, its Bernabeu stadium could hold the entire population of the tiny Basque town and still have 58,454 seats empty.
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Are the Lionel Messi rumors true?
Barcelona target success with Suarez
Neymar frustrated with Santos transfer
Josep Bartomeu speaks on Pep Guardiola
Eibar will be the smallest team ever to compete in La Liga and had to raise $2.3 million in capital just to take its place at the top table of Spanish football.
Its president Alex Aranzaba believes the greatest achievement in Eibars history would be to survive on such an uneven playing field.
There are several reasons why Real Madrid and Barcelona are so far ahead in terms of finance, Aranzabal told CNN.
Both clubs have many connections around the world and dont earn money by just selling tickets — they have big merchandising campaign.
Theres also the huge television deals which they both have. Its impossible to compete with them, not just for Eibar which is the smallest team, but even for bigger clubs like Sevilla, Valencia and Athletic Bilbao.
That Eibar will go head-to-head with the likes of Real Madird and Barca l is something of a sporting miracle.
After gaining promotion to Spains second tier, the club promptly won the title for the first in its history.
But a debut season rubbing shoulders with the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and champions Atletico was immediately under threat, due to a 1999 law passed down by the Spanish authorities.
It insists each team must have a capital equal to 25% of the average expenses of all sides in the second division, excluding the two clubs with the biggest outgoings and the two with the smallest.
The law is designed to ensure all clubs can attend to its debts, despite La Ligas leading lights — Real Madrid and Barca — being in the red to an estimated combined total close to €1 billion ($1.36 billion).
Eibar, on the other hand, are self-sustaining and completely debt free; even La Ligas president has referred to them as a model club.
And yet, failure to raise the required €1.7 million ($2.3 million) would result in demotion back to the obscurity of Spains third tier.
But football loves an underdog and when Eibar threw themselves at the mercy of fans by launching a share issue scheme, thousands stepped forward to help.
Cristiano Ronaldo: A star like no other
Lampard: Leaving Chelsea now feels right
Mourinho on the enigma of Balotelli
The cash was raised a full three weeks before Eibars deadline, leaving Aranzabal and others at the club dumbfounded at the pledges of support.
For a small city and a small club to receive such support from across the world is something that makes me very proud — it feels like were part of a family, said Aranzabal.
At the beginning there were some doubts wed raise the money, but later we realized we had a story to tell and that we could reach our target with hard work.
Around 36% of our shareholders are from Eibar but because of the online marketing campaign we have shareholders from 50 different countries across the world.
We had people buying shares from the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Germany, France, Mexico, Colombia. We had people coming to us from all over Asia and across the world.
It really has been incredible.
With the financial hurdles overcome, Eibars fans can now dream of the footballing treats that lie ahead.
Barcelona and Real Madrid will visit Eibars titchy Ipurua stadium (capacity 5,900) in due course, but first up are neighbors Real Sociedad for a Basque derby on Sunday.
This club was founded in 1940 after the troubles of the Civil War, added Aranzabal, referring to the conflict that tore Spain apart.
This is the first time in 74 years and this is a dream. Now we have to maintain the dream in La Liga. Were sure that were going to be competitive and fight until the last minute of the season to avoid relegation.
IndyCar drivers Tony Kanaan, right, and Juan Pablo Montoya, left, celebrate with Will Power after Power won at the Milwaukee Mile racetrack Sunday, August 17, in West Allis, Wisconsin. Kanaan and Montoya hit Power with cream puffs — a popular staple of the Wisconsin State Fair.
Jermart Brady is thrown from ostrich Rosie Na-Ostrich during exotic animal racing Saturday, August 16, at the Fair Grounds Race Course in New Orleans. Zebras raced there earlier in the day.
Adam Paradowski, a referee of the Canadian Football League, gets knocked over Sunday, August 17, during a game in Toronto between the Toronto Argonauts and the BC Lions.
Philadelphia pitcher Mone Davis delivers a pitch Friday, August 15, at the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The 13-year-old became the first girl to ever throw a shutout in the Little League World Series.
Frances Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad leaps over the final barrier on his way to winning the 3,000-meter steeplechase final Thursday, August 14, at the European Athletics Championships in Zurich, Switzerland. But he was later disqualified for his shirtless celebration in the last stretch of the race.
Linda Cerruti of Italy performs a synchronized swimming routine Wednesday, August 13, during the European Swimming Championships in Berlin.
Stewards restrain a man who ran onto the field Saturday, August 16, during the Premier League soccer match between Tottenham and West Ham in London.
Sheep race in the streets of Moffat, Scotland, during the third annual Moffat Sheep Races on Sunday, August 17. Woolen jockeys are placed on the sheep for the race, which celebrates the towns wool industry.
Samantha Stosur hits a serve Wednesday, August 13, in her match against Serena Williams at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati.
Eric Dier, right, celebrates with Tottenham teammate Harry Kane after scoring a late goal to defeat West Ham 1-0 in London. It was the Premier League opener for both clubs.
Australias Calvin Eissens, top, leaps in the air to avoid a slide from Marek Krejcirik of the Czech Republic during a Little League World Series game Saturday, August 16, in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Australia won the game 10-1 to advance in the tournaments international bracket.
Spillway enjoys a roll in the sand after a training session Thursday, August 14, at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.
Scott Barrett of Canterbury has his shirt tugged by an Auckland player Saturday, August 16, during the first round of the ITM Cup, a rugby competition in New Zealand. Canterbury won the ITM Cup last season.
Gregory Polanco of the Pittsburgh Pirates makes a leaping catch Friday, August 15, in Washington.
Synchronized swimmers from Belarus are seen underwater during their routine Wednesday, August 13, at the European Swimming Championships in Berlin.
Drag racer Monte Green, left, crashes during a race Sunday, August 17, at the Lucas Oil Nationals in Brainerd, Minnesota. Don Kritzky, right, would crash separately just a few moments later. Green was treated at the scene and released, but Kritzky had to be airlifted to a hospital, according to the Brainerd Dispatch newspaper.
Cooly the mascot performs a high jump Thursday, August 14, at the European Athletics Championships in Zurich, Switzerland.
Philadelphia Eagles running back Henry Josey scores a touchdown in an NFL preseason game against the New England Patriots on Friday, August 15, in Foxborough, Massachusetts.
Grass flies in the air as golfer Simon Dyson hits a shot Friday, August 15, during the European Tour event in Aalborg, Denmark.
New York Mets third baseman David Wright fields a ball during a home game against Washington on Wednesday, August 13.
Team SCA competes Tuesday, August 12, in the Round Britain and Ireland Race, a sailing competition that spans 1,800 miles around the British Isles. With a time of 4 days, 21 hours and 39 seconds, the team says it broke the record for an all-female crew on a monohull.
Ukraines Anna Voloshyna is seen underwater as she competes in the solo synchronized swimming competition Sunday, August 17, at the European Swimming Championships in Berlin. She won the bronze medal in the event.
Mo Farah of Great Britain dances after winning the gold medal in the 10,000 meters Wednesday, August 13, at the European Athletics Championships in Zurich, Switzerland.
Erick Aybar of the Los Angeles Angels beats the throw to first base as Texas first baseman J.P. Arencibia reaches for the catch Sunday, August 17, in Arlington, Texas.
Jockey Sebastiano Murtas, left, crashes during the Palio di Siena horse race Saturday, August 16, in Siena, Italy. Twice a year, 10 riders — each representing one of Sienas city wards — compete in the bareback race around Sienas shell-shaped central square.
Andreas Stjernen of Norway takes first place in the FIS Ski Jumping Grand Prix held Friday, August 15, in Courchevel, France.
NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon celebrates with his crew after winning the Sprint Cup race at Michigan International Speedway on Sunday, August 17. It was his third victory of the year.
Philadelphias Jack Rice is tagged out at home by Pearland, Texas, pitcher Clayton Broeder during a Little League World Series game Sunday, August 17, in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia advanced to the third round of the U.S. bracket with a 7-6 victory.
Moto3 rider Enea Bastianini crashes during practice Friday, August 15, in Brno, Czech Republic. He went on to finish second in the actual race.
Frances Renaud Lavillenie competes in pole vault qualifying Thursday, August 14, at the European Athletics Championships in Zurich, Switzerland. He would go on to win gold in the event.
Chinese swimmer Li Guangyuan competes in the mens 100-meter backstroke Saturday, August 18, at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China. He finished third in the final.
Fabrizio Schembri of Italy competes in the triple jump final Thursday, August 14, at the European Athletics Championships in Zurich, Switzerland.
Argentinas Juan Martin, right, tackles South African captain Jean de Villiers during their Rugby Championship match Saturday, August 16, in Pretoria, South Africa. South Africa won 13-6 in what was the opening match for both teams.
Carolina Jaramillo of Mexico falls to the field Wednesday, August 13, after missing a chance to score against South Korea during the U-20 Womens World Cup in Canada. South Korea won 2-1 to advance out of the group stage and eliminate Mexico.
Turkish sprinter Meliz Redif competes in the womens 4×400-meter relay Saturday, August 16, at the European Athletics Championships in Zurich, Switzerland.
Spencer Watt, who plays for the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League, celebrates a fourth-quarter touchdown Tuesday, August 12, during a home game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Argonauts won 38-21.
The Bryan brothers, Bob and Mike, bump chests Thursday, August 14, after defeating the doubles team of Eric Butorac and Raven Klaasen at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati. The Bryans would go on to win the doubles final several days later.
People take part in the annual Concrete Hero obstacle race to raise money for cancer research Sunday, August 17, in Vancouver, British Columbia. More than $550,000 has been raised through the race in the past two years.
Uzbek weightlifter Adkhamjon Ergashev competes Sunday, August 17, at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China. He won bronze in his weight category.
Stoke Citys Phil Bardsley, right, challenges Aston Villas Ashley Westwood during their Premier League match Saturday, August 16, in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Aston Villa won 1-0. See 30 amazing sports photos from last week
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos
Star player Wayne Rooney sports the new Chevrolet branded strip but defeat in Uniteds EPL opener against Swansea left a bitter taste.
Louis van Gaals first competitive match in charge of Manchester United ended with a disappointing 2-1 home defeat by Swansea.
Former United star Andy Cole (left) was on hand to announce a local commercial tie up with Japanese food company Kagome.
Former Man Utd manager Alex Ferguson was all smiles as a deal was announced in 2010 for Epson to become the official office equipment partner for the EPL giants.
Manchester United agreed a $64 million training kit sponsorship deal with DHL in 2010, but ended it two years later, paying the money back, because it was able to negotiate a bigger deal with AON.
David Moyes lost his job at Manchester United after a sorry season which saw them finish outside the Champions League places and fail to lift a trophy aside from the FA Community Shield.
Avram Glazer, United co-chairman, has overseen a massive increase in the clubs commercial activity since his family took control at Old Trafford in 2005.
Ahead of the sponsorship game
Swansea setback
Big in Japan
Old Trafford Office
Kit deals
Sorry season
Commercial activity
Man Utd tops sponsorship league
Luis Suarez has completed his first training session with his Barcelona teammates. The Uruguayan lost his appeal to have his four-month biting ban reduced by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Thursday but the restriction on him training with his new teammates was lifted. The former Liverpool player, seen here with Andreas Iniesta, cannot play competitive football for Barcelona until the end of October.
Suarez was in good spirits during the Friday training session at Barcelonas training ground and will be feeling flush too thanks to a reported $330,000 per week, five-year deal he has signed with the Spanish football giant.
Suarez scored 31 goals for Liverpool last season and theres every chance hell continue that form at Barcelona. The 27-year-old netted 69 times in a total of 110 games for the English club, and before that 81 for Dutch side Ajax in the same number of appearances. His international career has been equally successful, with 40 goals from 78 matches.
Suarez will officially be presented to the Barcelona faithful at a traditional media photo session at Camp Nou on Tuesday August 19.
Suarez is likely to kick up a storm in Spain but it remains to be seen if it is for his incredible footballing skill or for his seemingly unending appetite for controversy.
New teammates
In the pink
Can Suarez reign in Spain?
New boy at the Nou Camp
Kicking up a storm
Suarez steps out for first Barca session
This club is used to facing challenges.
Unai Eraso has been a supporters of Eibar all his life and is in no doubt the last year qualifies as a bona fide sporting miracle.
You cant even compare Eibar with Barcelona or Real Madrid, said Eraso. The population of Eibar is 27,000 people, against Real Madrid in a city of more than 3.5 million people.
Everyone is bigger in terms of budget, population, stadium, players but our story is going to be a good one for football as a whole.
It will be tough on the pitch but Im really confident because we have no pressure on us. This year is a like a present to all the supporters of Eibar.
Nobodys going to whistle or shout against the team or the players. We are Eibar — we know who we are.
Like Aranzabal, Eraso believes Spanish football needs to redistribute its wealth better.
Though Eibar raised the cash it needed to lift its head above the financial bar imposed by the league, its still dwarfed by almost all its fellow La Liga clubs.
Eibars budget for the season is around the same as Barcelona star Lionel Messi will earn in wages over the same period.
Thats partly because Spanish clubs are allowed to sell its television rights independently, meaning the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona could command four times the amount that Eibar can muster.
It is not fair at all, Eraso said. Not only in how the TV money is shared among the teams but also the huge amount of money some clubs owe. Eibar has no debt at all.
These guys are free to buy a lot of players with the money they get from TV and it makes for a paralyzed league where the top two or three teams have 80% of the resources and the rest have peanuts.
In Spain it is a nonsense to say someone outside of Real Madrid, Atletico or Barcelona will win the league. There is no fourth candidate.
Eibar isnt concerned with the title race though — its battle is to finish fourth from bottom and avoid relegation.
Eraso is convinced they can do it, if they harness the intimidating surrounds of Ipurua, and call on the famed togetherness in the town.
The spirit is the most important thing that will help us overcome all the challenges we will have this year, he said.
We have overcome a lot of crises in the town and reinvented ourselves. We now have to adapt to what is coming this year.
Were going to have the lowest budget with no big names in our team but we will make it with the players and all of us pushing in the same direction — this is in our spirit.
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Ethel Cofie (@MissEDCofie tech is a perfect arena for young women to hone their leadership skills #WTechAfrica #wiredwomen— debbyedelstein (@debbyedelstein) evden eve nakliyat August 2, 2014
@MissEDCofie @debbyedelstein Totally, Any woman can be a leader in this industry! #hardwork, #supportteam, #nevergiveupattitude— Barbara Birungi (@BarbsBirungi) August 2, 2014
Let's dare to dream. Let's dare to inspire each other. Let's dare to change our worlds. @MissEDCofie @wituganda @enyok #WTechAfrica— Lynn Kirabo (@therisingpage) August 2, 2014
@MissEDCofie @debbyedelstein absolutely! feminine leadership style is different and we need more of it in the working world. #WTechAfrica— Enyo Kumahor (@enyok) August 2, 2014
Alright Ladies , today i am inspired the women in tech in Africa came together despite tool fails to share and collaborate #WTechAfrica— ethelcofie (@MissEDCofie) August 2, 2014
Looking back into history and comparing it to today we know technology is not just a mans world. It is imperative that African women take advantage of this to provide a sustainable environment that would encourage and promote technology amongst women. So of course we will run the event again, this time with the lessons we learned and maybe strong sponsorships to help us succeed.
Read this: 5 reasons tech world needs more geek girls
The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Ethel Cofie.

escort bayan and roads

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The International Cricket Council has decided not to appeal against the ruling that saw England seamer James Anderson found not escort bayan guilty of breaching its code of conduct.Anderson was last week cleared of any wrong-doing by judicial commissioner Gordon Lewis relating escort bayan to having been accused by India of pushing and abusing their all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja in the Trent Bridge pavilion during the first Investec Test.Only the ICC, via chief executive Dave Richardson, could challenge that verdict – as well as the one that cleared Jadeja of a lesser charge – but after announcing on Tuesday that it would consider the verdict, the governing body has decided not to push the case further.VIDEO Scroll down to watch Jadeja and Anderson cleared of wrong-doing
Flash point: Ravi Jadeja (left) and Jimmy Anderson (right) leave the field for lunch during the Trent Bridge Test
ICC weighing up whether to appeal over James Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja case
Ian Bell claims James Anderson and Ravindra Jadejas row has been blown out of proportion ahead of Old Trafford Test
James Anderson criticised by India ahead of fourth Test match at Old Trafford
Six ex-England captains, the most expensive truck on Europes roads… and prawn jalfrezi for lunch! Sportsmail takes you behind the scenes at Sky Sports cricket
NASSER HUSSAINS RATINGS: James Anderson and Gary Ballance helped Alastair Cook end Englands losing streak
James Anderson named in England squad for fourth Test despite fears bowler could be suspended over row with Ravindra Jadeja
James Anderson loses his cool again after angry exchange with Indias Ajinkya Rahane as England close in on victory in third Test

Children who play video games for less than an hour a day are better adjusted than those who have never bayan escort used them or play them to excess. 
Researchers found that young people who indulged in a short spell of gaming were very sociable and were most likely to say they were satisfied with their lives.In contrast, those who spent more than half their free time playing electronic games were less well-adjusted, the University of Oxford scientists found.

Better adjusted: Researchers found that young people who indulged in a little video game playing (illustrated with a stock image) were very sociable and were also most likely to say they were satisfied with their lives
The study, published today in the journal Pediatrics, found that three in four British children and teenagers play video games on a daily basis.
Those who play for less than an hour a day – less than one third of their daily free time – also appeared to have fewer friendship and emotional problems.They also reported less hyperactivity than the other groups. KEY FINDINGS OF THE STUDYResearchers found that young people who indulged in short spells of video game playing were very sociable.
who played for less than an hour a day were also most likely to say
they were satisfied with their lives, compared to those who have not
played the games.
They also appeared to have fewer friendship and emotional problems and reported less hyperactivity than the other groups.
Young people who spent more than half their daily free time playing electronic games were less well-adjusted.Experts found that video games had no positive
or negative effects for young people who played ‘moderately’ – i.e. between one and three hours a day. 
Health Notes: Fearne Cotton calls in the stars for breast cancer festival Festifeel
The little boy who could go blind from eating a single SWEET: Toddler has so many allergies he can only eat 11 foods
The research is thought to be the first to examine both the positive and negative effects of gaming using a representative sample of children and teenagers.
It involved nearly 5,000 young people – half male and half female – drawn from a nationally representative study of UK households.The participants, aged from 10
to 15, were asked how much time they typically spent on console-based or
computer-based games such as the Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation.
The same group also answered questions
about how satisfied they were with their lives, their levels of
hyperactivity and inattention, empathy, and how they got on with their
peers.The findings show that the influence of
video games on children – whether for good or bad – is very small when
compared with more enduring factors, such as whether the child is from a
functioning family, their school relationships and whether they are
materially deprived.
Sociable: Those who played video games for less than an hour a day – which made up less than one third of their daily free time – appeared to have fewer friendship and emotional problems (stock image)
‘These results support recent laboratory-based experiments that have identified the downsides to playing electronic games, said the studys author, Dr Andrew Przybylski, of the Oxford Internet Institute.
‘However, high levels of video game-playing appear to be only weakly linked to childrens behavioural problems in the real world.
Likewise, the small, positive effects we observed for low levels of play on electronic games do not support the idea that video games on their own can help children develop in an increasingly digital world.
‘Some of the positive effects identified in past gaming research were mirrored in these data but the effects were quite small, suggesting that any benefits may be limited to a narrow range of action games.

A luxurious French island costs less to rent than a three-bedroom London flat.
A three-bedroom London flat in Knightsbridge costs £5,500 escort bayan a week to rent – more than £1,000 per week more than a 25-acre island on a stunning French river.
The escort bayan incredible isolated island on the River Seine near Paris, France, is up for rent for under £5K a week – escort bayan and comes complete with a villa nearly twice the size of the city pad.

Classy: A three-bedroom flat in Knightsbridge escort bayan costs £5,500 to rent a week…
…but for £1,000 less you can your own French island
The beautiful island of Chantemesle is a small paradise of approximately 25 acres and contains a charming villa built in the local style.
The island, 30 miles northwest of Paris, is set between the villages of Vétheuil and La Roche-Guyon and can be rented exclusively through Vladi Private Islands.The main island house has a luxurious living room with a large fireplace, a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, a cloakroom and a Victorian veranda.
Sizeable: The master bedroom in the Knightsbridge flat is modern and fresh
Colourful: Whereas the French bedroom has its own, acquired taste
Clean: The flats kitchen is sharp and modern, and grants enough room to enjoy your cooking
Clear view: The French houses winter garden offers one to unwind
The total living space is over 400 square metres and the property has five bedrooms and four bathrooms – which have been newly renovated, inside and out.
The London apartment is located on the second floor of a new development near Harrods.
Named Lancelot Place, the flat is on the market with Chestertons Lettings and is one of their most luxurious London lettings.
The 2766 square feet apartment features wood flooring and gas fireplace in the reception room, air conditioning, audio system and well proportioned rooms.
Picture this: The French house is set in beautiful greenery
Nice and quiet: You are sure to have some privacy in this French delicacy
High class: But you cant deny the London flat has its own classical style

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Editors note: Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time. Each month, we meet two women at the escort top of their field, exploring their careers, lives and ideas.
(CNN) — A lone blonde woman, wrapped in nothing but a sarong, leads four camels and a little dog across one of the most uninhabitable environments on Earth.
Startlingly beautiful, with skin roasted a deep chestnut from the desert sun, the petite 26-year-old in flimsy leather sandals appears the unlikeliest adventurer for escort bayan a nine-month expedition across the Australian outback.
Appearances can be deceiving.
 Click to expand
Click to expand
In 1977, Robyn Davidson trekked 2,700 kilometers from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean, armed with little more than a map and a rifle, in a landscape which had destroyed many a hardened explorer before her.
Adventurers are often asked why they push themselves to the human bodys limits.
Its only in hindsight that theres any psychologizing of it, Davidson tells me in between bites of her croissant, at a trendy inner-city London café on a humid spring morning.
At the time it just seemed like a perfectly sensible, good thing to do. Above all else, it was pleasurable.
And in an age of instant communication, where you are never far from a text message, tweet or Facebook post, perhaps Davidson has a lesson for us all.
I disappeared but Ive never felt so alive, she says in her soft Australian accent.
Making Tracks
Its no coincidence these punishing red plains are nicknamed the countrys dead heart. A place where temperatures can exceed a scorching 120F and the nearest town is often hundreds of kilometers away.
The Aboriginals called Davidson the desert woman, and her epic journey caught the attention of National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan — who became both her documenter and lover.
His intimate images of the intrepid young woman — tenderly feeding her camels, or swimming in a rare watering hole — helped make it one of the most popular photo essays in the magazines history.
Australian actress Mia Wasikowska plays desert woman Robyn Davidson in the outback odyssey Tracks.EOne Films UK
It plunged the girl who grew up on a cattle station in remote Queensland into the international spotlight — her outback odyssey became the toast of New York.
Davidsons book detailing the marathon mission, called Tracks, has since sold over one million copies, bringing to life the beauty and brutality of a landscape mysterious to many outside Australia — and indeed to the majority of people living in the countrys coastal cities.
The book has now been turned into a feature film, with actor Mia Wasikowska possessing an unnerving resemblance to the real-life desert woman.
A literary life
Wearing a crisp white shirt, Davidsons broad face remains unmarked by a lifetime in the sun.
At 63-years-old, she is still as quietly striking as those images of a fair-haired girl on camel-back staring fiercely into the camera three decades ago.
How do you follow an expedition of such epic proportions? In her late 20s, Davidson moved to a shoe factory in Londons East End, of all places.
For me it was more of a merging into, entering into, becoming part of
Robyn Davidson
She fell in with a literary circle that included housemate and celebrated author Doris Lessing, and boyfriend-of-three-years Salman Rushdie.
A nomad at heart, Davidson lived across the world, shifting like the sands of her impressive landscapes.
Now shes back in the UK capital to write her memoirs — about as far away as you can get from her extreme pilgrimages, including two years traveling with nomads in north-west India in the 1990s.
Pleasure and pain
Why not? has become Davidsons enduring response to why she ventured into Australias great unknown in the 1970s an era before.
Where other people might see a vast expanse of arid nothingness, Davidson saw the desert as a limitless garden, a place teeming with life.
It was a desert she traversed without GPS trackers and high-tech camping kit.
Learning bush skills from the aboriginal communities she met along the way, Davidson ate witchetty grubs — which to the easily-queasy might resemble enormous maggots.
She quickly learned not to trust her maps in this unchartered landscape, and instead followed animal tracks towards water.
Not bad for the girl who police initially wouldnt register a rifle to, because they thought theyd have to go chasing after her when she got lost.
Real-life romance
Even Smolan — the 27-year-old photographer who spent three months with Davidson at intermittent points throughout the journey — was convinced that each time he looked back at her in his rear view mirror, it would be the last.
There were herds of wilds animals, crazy people out there, he says over the phone, the sound of traffic blaring in the background of his native New York.
Adam Driver plays National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan in the feature film.EOne Films UK
Her camels could have thrown her, she could have broken a leg, she could have gotten lost. Its the kind of place where if you take the wrong road, after three weeks you come to a fence and find youre out of water.
Much is made in the film of the pairs romantic coupling, but in the searing heat it was a relationship tempered by more complex emotions — some still raw for Smolan.
I was resistant to Rick because I felt Id sold out to National Geographic, says Davidson, who never intended to write about her personal pilgrimage at all.
Hes a sweetie, but hopeless in the desert. But when you are forced to deal with somebody, you either kill them or you learn tolerance. And were still very good friends so… I think it forged a very deep friendship actually.
She had no idea how beautiful she was
Rick Smolan
Smolan has a different take: It was much more of a romance — at least on my side — then it was in the movie.
I was pretty smitten and you can see that in the photographs, he says of the intense and fascinating woman who didnt want me there.
She had no idea how beautiful she was. Several times I developed my pictures and brought them out to show her, thinking I could win her over — because most women like it when you show them how beautiful they are. And I remember being really stunned that the more beautiful my pictures where of her, the more she hated them.
She just said: Im not some god dammed model out here.
Four-legged family
Was Davidsons real adoration for her faithful dog Diggity and four camels, a type of ramshackle circus family inching across the desert together?
The love story of the movie is much more between her and the dog, than her and me, says Smolan, chuckling good-naturedly. This little dog was like her protector. If there were snakes, if there were intruders… Diggity had her back.
The actors share an uncanny resemblance with the real-life Smolan and Davidson.EOne Films UK
But why camels? Theyre the perfect form of transport, explains Davidson matter-of-factly in her book. One sees little by car, and horses would never survive the hardships of desert crossings.
This was not about conquering nature, she says, bristling at the suggestion. Instead, Davidson wanted to meld into the environment, her skin slowly turning the same reddish brown as the ancient lands she walked.
Maybe for men its a longing to conquer something. They conquer the mountain, they conquer something in themselves. I never felt that way. For me it was more of a merging into, entering into, becoming part of.
Tough love
At the time it just seemed like a perfectly sensible, good thing to do
Robyn Davidson
Shed see other travelers hurtling through the desert in a four-wheel drive, with two-wave radios, and iceboxes, and think — why bother?
My procedure across that desert was about getting rid of stuff — both physically and metaphorically.
Did that include the memory of her mothers suicide when she was 11-years-old, as suggested in the film?
Davidson sighs, and you get the feeling its a diagnosis shes heard many times before.
It kind of seems to say that for a woman to have done anything extraordinary, she has to be a bit strange, or have something to work out, or there has to be some sort of dark thing in her past.
I dont think my mothers death had much to do with it at all, frankly.
Myth and memory
These days, where even NASA astronauts can tweet every step of their missions to millions across the world, Davidsons slow and deeply personal journey feels all the more rare — and mysterious.
Its a tale with mythical elements, she says, her gray eyes revealing the only hint of sun damage on her serene face.
If you think of all the enduring stories in the world, theyre of journeys. Whether its Don Quixote or Ulysses, theres always this sense of a quest — of a person going away to be tested, and coming back.
How lucky we are she did.
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Quiz: Women writers who turned pages of history

Every week, African Start-Up follows entrepreneurs in various countries across the continent to see how they are working to make escort bayan their business dreams become reality.
(CNN) — Its a bright May morning and the purple-shirted army of tricycle drivers is on bayan escort the streets of Lagos once again. Eyes trained ahead, they zip past traffic on their specially-modified vehicles, dipping in and bursa escort out of the Nigerian megacitys slums.
This is the mobile division of Wecyclers, an innovative enterprise using an incentive-based program to escort help solve Lagoss acute waste management problem.
Every week, the companys cyclists peddle from door to door in low-income neighborhoods to pick up recyclable trash from registered households. Items like plastic bottles, aluminum cans and plastic sachets are all weighed and logged on site, and from there are taken to a specific sorting area where theyre bagged in order to be sold to recycling factories.
In return, participating households receive points via SMS. These can eventually be exchanged for rewards, mainly donated items ranging from bowls and blenders to food products and mobile phone air time.
Every three months they have opportunity to redeem the points for something, says Weclycers chief executive Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola. So we give them really small gifts that just motivate them and encourage them to recycle.
Stats by Lagos Waste Management AuthorityINEZ TORRE/CNN
Lagos, a sprawling megacity of more than 18 million people, generates a massive 10,000 metric tons of waste daily, according to the citys waste management authority. Only 40% of it is believed to be formally collected, leaving large quantities of rubbish blocking gutters and piling up on streets and outside houses — a major health and environmental hazard.
Entrepreneur makes money from trash
Low income communities are the ones that are more affected, says Adebiyi-Abiola. (People) end up living in their waste, so we basically saw that there was a really big need to provide collection services for people that are living in the low-income areas.
Born and bred in Lagos, Adebiyi-Abiola went to the United States at the age of 17. There, she trained and worked as a computer scientist, before enrolling to MIT for a masters in business administration. It was during that time, while working on a study project focused on the problems faced by people in low-income areas, when she came up with the idea to launch a company offering waste collection and recycling services in her hometown.
I really love Lagos and I wanted to do something that would give back to it, says Adebiyi-Abiola. For me, the environment is really where it all starts, she adds. When you have a clean environment then you have health, when you have health then you can start thinking about money, jobs and things like that.
Stats by Lagos Waste Management AuthorityINEZ TORRE/CNN
Set up just a year and a half ago, Wecyclers has grown today to have some 5,000 households subscribed to its service. The startup has so far collected nearly 300 tons of waste, using a fleet of 16 low-cost cargo bicycles that are creatively designed to transport large cloth sacks of trash.
I want to show the whole world that this is something that can succeed.
Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, Wecyclers CEO
In regards to recycling as a business, however, there are still many challenges faced by Wecyclers, which is yet to make a profit.
We hope that as we grow and add value to the material we sell, then we hope to see profits come in, says Adebiyi-Abiola, who employs 31 people.
Despite the problems, the entrepreneur has big plans for the future. She says shes determined to keep on working to expand the service across Lagos and beyond and ultimately help to change peoples attitudes toward waste.
I want to show the whole world that this is something that can succeed, says Adebiyi-Abiola. That we can create a low-cost way of solving the Nigerian problems, the Lagos problems, here, with Lagos solutions, she adds.
To show that we can have ingenuity and innovation here and almost create a movement around waste and make people realize the importance of recycling and the environment — Im already seeing that but I want to see it on a really big scale all across Nigeria.

Nominations for 2014 CNN Heroes are being accepted online through August 31, 2014.
(CNN) — Theyre your neighbors, your friends, your escort bayan colleagues, your parents.
They are CNN Heroes, each of whom shows how one person can truly make a difference.
Again this year, escort CNN encourages you to tell us about these everyday people changing the world — by nominating them at Taking bayan escort a few minutes to share their story with us could propel them to worldwide recognition.
Maybe someones selflessness has directly impacted bayan escort ankara your life.
Destiny Bush nominated her mentor and second mother, Tawanda Jones, whose drill team provides discipline and inspiration to thousands of children in the violent city of Camden, New Jersey.
It was important for the world to see this wonderful individual who commits herself effortlessly — her heart, her body, her soul — to our youth, said Bush, now a graduate student.
Or maybe you know an individual in your community whose personal story and dedication inspires you.
Denada Jacksons mom used to style Robin Emmons hair. When Jackson bumped into Emmons years later, she learned about Emmons efforts to help low-income neighborhoods access healthy, fresh food.
It just seemed right that I would nominate her, because Ive never seen anyone that happy about helping other people, Jackson said. Shes making it happen for others in her community. Just to watch her be honored for that, to get a thank you, that was awesome.
But you dont have to personally know the individual you nominate. Just be familiar with their work.
Johanna Robinette, for example, lives in the same small town as Dale Beatty, who helps build and modify homes for injured veterans. Robinette had heard about Beattys organization, and she saw nominating him as a way to help draw attention to his efforts.
To be able to take that time to do that, I was thankful that I did and thankful that (he was) honored in that way, Robinette said. It felt great to be a part of that.
Its easy to nominate an everyday person changing the world, but a thoughtful, well-written nomination is essential to help yours stand out from the thousands we receive. Here are some suggestions we hope will help you in crafting your nomination for consideration.
• Think about what makes your hero special. Ask yourself: What makes my nominee unique? What specific accomplishment has he or she achieved that is truly remarkable? What impact has his or her work had on others? We encourage you to watch videos of previous CNN Heroes to familiarize yourself with the achievements of the inspiring individuals we honor as everyday people changing the world.
• Take a look at our nomination form. We suggest you review the information requested about yourself, your nominee and his or her work before filling out your submission.
• Tell us about your hero. Take your time and write from the heart. Remember: What you share — in your own words — is the most important factor in advancing a nomination for further consideration. You can enter your answers to the essay questions directly on the form, or write them first in a word-processing document and cut and paste them into each answer field. Please note the information you provide will be used in accordance with our privacy policy.
• Click Submit. If your nomination has been successfully transmitted, youll see a thank you message on your screen. If you provided us with your e-mail address, well also send a confirmation your nomination has been received. And yes, we read each and every one.
Thats it. Nominations for 2014 CNN Heroes remain open through August 31, 2014.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is eligible to be considered as a CNN Hero

A: Nominations must be in the name of a single individual, at least 13 years of age, whose accomplishment occurred (or continued) after November 1, 2013. Groups and organizations are ineligible for consideration. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Citizens of voided countries are also ineligible. For complete details on eligibility requirements and other rules governing selection of CNN Heroes, please read our legal disclosures.
Q: How will I know if my hero is selected?
A: Because of the high volume of nominations received, we cannot respond individually to each submission. However, if your nomination advances, we will contact you and your nominee through the contact information you provide.
Q: What if I dont know my nominees address, e-mail and telephone number?
A: Please make every effort to provide as much contact information as possible. We require either an e-mail address or telephone number so we may quickly contact your nominee to obtain permission for consideration as a CNN Hero.
Q: May I submit additional supportive information about my nominee?
A: Theres space at the end of the form to provide links to articles or websites with more information about your hero. Please do not send additional material unless requested.
Q: May I mail or fax my nomination?
A: No. All nominations must be submitted online through our website.
Q: What if my nomination form is rejected?
A: When filling out your form, please note that certain information is required. Those fields are marked with an asterisk (*). If you are not certain of your heros nationality, select Other from the country drop-down menu. Likewise, if youre unsure which category his or her cause belongs in, just click Other.
CNN is not responsible for technical problems that may prevent your submission from being successfully transmitted. You may wish to first write and save the answers to essay questions in a word-processing document. That way, if you need to resubmit your nomination, you can cut and paste those answers into the form without rewriting them.
Q: Can I buy tickets to CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute?

A: Unfortunately, seating is limited and by invitation only. Air dates and times for the global broadcast of CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute will be announced in October.
Have other questions or comments about CNN Heroes? Contact us.

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